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Run your offline local chatbot.

Get your own AI bot to help you deal with private and sensitive information. Your information stays with you!

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Build your own factual stock chatbot.

Investors face time constraints and distractions, while the AI revolution holds potential. Exploring AI in investing, The GPT Portfolio invests $50k based on ChatGPT recommendations. Human interpretation is still crucial. The post demonstrates how to create a personalized AI assistant using ChatGPT, utilising vector-based knowledge storage and retrieval for personalized responses.

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Don't pay too much for your market data!

Traditional data vendors charge high fees and impose restrictions on market data access. Cloud-based API vendors like IEX Cloud, Twelve Data, Intrinio, and EODHD offer affordable and flexible alternatives with plans starting below $100/month. API technology allows for various data retrieval and usage methods.

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Is your client data secured?

Work-from-home lifestyles have led to a rise in cyberattacks and data breaches. Last year, Australian Cyber Security Centre reported a 13% increase in breaches, resulting in self-reported losses of over $33 billion. Investment firms, as prime targets, should prioritize enhanced cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data in remote work environments.