Supercharge Your Fund Management with AI: Unleashing Insights from Unstructured Data

Most investors find themselves juggling limited time and divided attention as they search for new opportunities and monitor their positions. Sometimes life gets in the way. Well, the AI revolution is here to stay and will impact many aspects of our lives. We are in a very early stage of this revolution and no doubt there are many skeptics out there about this technology, just like the start of world wide web era. Why don't we be more open minded and figure out for ourselves how AI can really help us?

A lot of people already start exploring ways to make use of this technology in investing. One of the more interesting experiments is The GPT Portfolio, which invests $50k to stocks recommended by ChatGPT. It's an interesting project to follow. However, it's important to acknowledge that navigating the complexities of investments still requires the human touch to accurately interpret market nuances and trends.

In this post, we'll demonstrate how you can have your own personalized AI assistant, helping you gather the most recent news, knowledge, and producing valuable summaries and actionable insights. Watch the video on how it works.

By using a Large language model (LLM) like ChatGPT, you can teach your AI assistant using factual information and build its knowledge base. The model converts this knowledge into vectors, which are sets of numbers with different dimensions. These vectors are then saved and indexed in a specialized vector database, alongside the corresponding document content. When users provide instructions or pose questions to the model, those inputs are also transformed into vectors. The model can then perform similarity searches in the vector database to retrieve the most relevant indexed documents or content, enabling it to provide personalized and contextually relevant responses.

There's so much more to explore! You can teach your AI assistants your investment rules, enlist their help in shortlisting investments, and even receive real-time alerts.

We value your insights! Join the conversation and share your ideas for intriguing use cases you'd like us to explore. In our upcoming discussion, we'll delve into the realm of data security and discuss the implementation of a local LLM model akin to ChatGPT. Stay tuned!